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“And all Judah rejoiced at the oath, for they had sworn with all their heart, and sought Him with all their soul, and He was found by them; and the Lord gave them rest round about.”  2 Chronicles 15:15.

 There are some who often carry strong desires in their hearts, without bringing them to God in the clear expression of definite and repeated prayer.  There are others who go to the Word and its promises to strengthen their faith, but do not give sufficient time and energy to pointedly asking of God in the direct fashion that helps reassure the soul that the matter has been put into God’s hands.  Still others come in prayer with so many requests and desires that they don’t even know what they really expect God to do. 

Our desires in prayer must be heart desires, definite desires, expressed desires, desires in harmony with the will of God.  “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4.  “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire uttered or unexpressed.”

                                                    ---Andrew Murray

 About the Author: Andrew Murray was a Dutch Christian Reformed missionary sent from Scotland to South Africa. He founded the South African General Mission and was a popular itinerant preacher when he lost his voice for an extended period of time. Unable to speak he wrote more than 240 books, including many Christian classics, before his voice was miraculously restored. He lived from 1828 until 1917.


 Prayer Requests

  •  Keep praying for Addie and the Abernathy family. The most recent prognosis has decreased her chances of survival. New estimates indicate she has between three and six months to spend on this planet. Pray that the family is able to fulfill her desire to get to Disneyland. Pray too for a miraculous recovery and that God will continue to strengthen and protect the family.

  • Pray for Joan who is having eye problems. She has two blocked tear ducts and is developing cataracts. Pray that medication will clear the ducts and she can avoid surgery. Pray that God will be glorified to all those who are involved in every step of her experience with this issue.

  • Pray for Luke who is experiencing serious marital problems. Pray he will look to Jesus to solve every issue and will not turn to the various crutches the world provides.

  • Please pray for a Christian man who has been leading a double life for years. He just spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with his wife and family in Boise but is heading to Salt Lake this week to see the woman with whom he commits adultery. Pray that he has a terrible time, that the scales are removed from his eyes and that he devotes himself to his wife and children.

 The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for our continued faith.  We love this church. Pray we can grow here.

  • Pray for healing for my best friend from cancer.