Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for really good neighbors to move into my apartment complex. Also, I am trying to re-sleep train my 1 year old again before apartment gets rented. Pray that goes smoothly, quicker and much easier than last time.

  • Please continue to pray for us and we search for a home in Boise. We are so ready to get back to our Idahome!!!

  • Please pray for the families and friends of 2 young teenage girls who were involved in a terrible fatal car accident last week. Both girls were killed in the accident.  This has crushed their community in the Denver area.

  • Please pray for my uncle who is in a long term Alzheimers Care Facility in California. This man was like a father to me my whole life.  He was a brilliant business man and made success out of nothing.  Pray for his salvation through the super natural anointing from God, as my uncle was raised in the LDS faith and never completely accepted Jesus.  We prayed with him often and talked of Christ and God daily with him.  I know he believed in God but I just don’t know if he fully accepted Him. 

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please continue to pray for:

    • That I will have wisdom to effectively lead and manage the staff and children at the after- school program.


    • Mona's salvation.


    • Our government officials to have wisdom and make good decisions.


    • Ildiko’s basement issue is still not resolved, but they have made some progress. The neighbor has agreed to the attorney’s proposal, but they don’t have the official paperwork from the mayor’s office yet. Also, the neighbor’s compromise to let them keep the basement (that they had already paid for), if they give him more of the shared land (a big part of their vegetable garden). They just want peace and are trusting God to work it all out.


    • Lidia Blaga’s nephew who still is in need of prayer. He is a special needs young adult who is having serious health issues relating to his health problems. Unless the Lord does a miracle, he will not live much longer.


    • Deliverance and healing for the young woman who was one of the orphans who used to be in our family center.


    • That my English class will be back in the classroom again when the new school year starts in September.  One of the orphanage workers told me today that she wants to sign her daughter up for my class this fall…which is a miracle because this worker is one of the most hostile people I’ve ever met.  Please pray for Cristina’s salvation and transformation.