Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my son’s Father in Law. He was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and is being sent home on hospice.  My son is being scheduled for surgery for a bulging disc.  Pray for their family now.

  • Pray for a family in our church family who is battling the flu. Pray for protection over their 6 year old daughter.  This flu has really hit them hard and it would be horrible on their daughter if she were to get sick.

  • Pray that God please give us hearts for the lost. Help us love those who disagree with us politically and spiritually. Give us the wisdom to seek opportunities to get to know those who do not share our world view and show them the love of God, the reality of Christ working in our lives and the hope that is in Him for all who have sinned.  That’s everyone. Give us the confidence to know that we can and will prevail in these troubled times by the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. Show us that we need not fear those who don’t yet share our faith. Help us walk in confidence and love trusting that God will give us victory.  

  • Pray for Derrick who will be having another MRI this week. It is really hard for him to stay still and stay awake.  Pray for strength during this test.  Pray that he is able to find a new ENT here in Boise as his longtime dr has passed away.