And Abraham came near and said, “Would You also destroy the righteous with the wicked?  . . . Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right. “ Genesis 18: 23, 25.

Abraham knew that wicked Sodom, where his nephew Lot lived, would soon be destroyed. And, so Abraham boldly approached God and begged him to spare Sodom's few righteous residents. His humble plea began with a request for the deliverance of a portion of Sodom for the sake of 50 righteous people. However, the city was very wicked and so Abraham continued to negotiate, asking for 45, then 40, 35, 30 and so on until he begged for  for just 10 souls. With each request God agreed to protect the righteous even if their number was very few. Abraham cared enough about Lot and his family to persistently ask God for their protection. His noble  heart of intercession offers us a lovely reflection of the selfless love of our savior.  May we imitate his attitude as we pray for others. 


  • Natalia asks that we pray for a nine-year-old Romanian boy named Levi who is suffering from leukemia. He and his parents are currently in Austria for treatment because they found Romanian care to be substandard. He has been anointed and believers are praying and fasting for him. Join them in praying for the Lord to touch his body and use this circumstance to bring many people into a close relationship with God. Pray for Levi’s two brothers who stayed behind in Romania. Pray for them too to grow in their faith because of this difficulty.

  • Please pray for Alex, a friend of Matty Grant’s, who has spent almost four weeks in pediatric intensive care. His respiratory system is compromised and he periodically loses consciousness. Pray that his mom will be comforted and strengthened by the love of Christ.

  • Continue to pray for a young woman who has been stalked by a fellow student for the past three years. A break may be occurring in her pleas for legal intervention. The FBI has gotten involved. Agents have met with the young woman and representatives of her college. They are awaiting approval from the US attorney general to bring a case against her pursuer. He is from a well-connected family. But we know our God is much bigger. Pray that he will leave this young woman alone so she can get her life back. Her mom asks that we specifically pray that the higher-ups would decide to pursue this case before something more serious happens.

  • Pray for Chris, who survived cancer with challenging side effects, The chemo and radiation have caused bone disease and other issues.  He is tired and just wants to be healthy to provide for his wife and two sons. Please pray for healing,  peace and provision for this family.  Ask that Chris will lean into Jesus and find rest.

  • Pray for the many things going on with preparation for Advent Season at Calvary Boise this year. This is the big week for decorating the church. Please pray that things would go smoothly and that our church family would be blessed by the efforts put forth.  Pray that the décor would invoke a feeling of warmth and comfort in this busy season. Pray for Events Coordinator Danielle Davis as she juggles planning this effort and supporting the other events we have going on at the church.

  • Pray for the Women’s Ministry to be blessed with many volunteers for our upcoming Christmas Dessert next Monday evening.  Pray for the women of our church, in general, to not feel the stresses of the holidays and the many extra responsibilities that come along with it. Pray that in the midst of all our festivities and families and hosting and parties we all keep the reason for the season front and center.  It is through Him we are all able to multi-task and get things done. Pray that women will enjoy this break and build bonds of friendship as they fellowship.