Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Hank’s cough and heart situation, pray for his quality of life.

  • Pray for those who gave to the homeless food drive yesterday.

  • I am leaving for the summer. It is my first time leaving home for 2 months. I am nervous about the travel and missing my family. Also the guilt of my sins before I was saved is weighing heavily on me. I have asked for forgiveness but I can’t get them out of my mind. My dad is in prison and I want him to be safe.

  • Pray for my cousin's 6 year old grandson Corbin, he fell in a fire pit yesterday. Burnt both hands badly. He had surgery yesterday.  Please pray for his recovery to be swift and complete healing.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Italy, Brent and Hope Harrell who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please continue to pray for Lidia and her need for surgery on her shoulder.

    • Pray for Amy, Stefano and their sons who will have to undergo oral testing from the public school board because they are homeschooled. Pray for grace and favor for them as they will have to deal with teachers in a system that frowns upon homeschooling. 

    • Pray for the combined Calvary Chapel Italy retreat coming up at the beginning of June. Pray for protection and anointing over those sharing God's word. Pray for the enemy not to meddle and hinder anyone from being able to go and be encouraged. Pray for the fellowship and time to be a great blessing for all.

    • Please pray for the bureaucratic process of changing our church status from a non profit status to a religious organization.

    • Please pray for our plans to take our daughter to California for her high school graduation. 2 of our kids will be staying in Italy. Please pray for the Lord's grace, protection, safe travels for us and for our kids staying that will be traveling to the retreat while we are gone. 

    • Please keep praying up that Sunday School curriculum. It's coming along slowly but surely.