Daily Prayer Requests

  • I need prayer for Jim. Another tumor showed up. Please pray for God’s will to be done and courage for the future.

  • Please pray for a woman who just miscarried her “miracle baby”. She was told she would never get pregnant and she did!  Please pray that she and her husband would not become hardened by this but will continue to trust in God for another miracle.

  • Please pray for Felicia and her 1 year old daughter Harmony. Felicia lives in Caldwell, but attends our online weekly service.  She doesn’t have transportation to get in to Boise, but needs some help with connection.  Pray for friendships and relationships to forge through the love of Jesus.  Pray for her upcoming custody hearing. 

  • Pray for God to speak clearly to me and my wife regarding a potential move. I have been offered a job that would be a great financial move, but moving means uprooting our kids at pivotal times in their young lives.  We would be moving from familiarity, but moving into a place that would long term provide a better future.  Pray for doors to open and answers to be HIS not mine.

  • Pray for our missionaries in Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who send the following updates and prayer requests:
    • We are finishing up preparations our trip back. So prayer for safe travels for us this Sunday as we begin out trip back and all the flights to the states. 

    • Brian is also making another trip to Ukraine this week, delivering supplies - so prayers for safe travels as well.

    • Prayer for the church here while we are gone..