Daily Prayer Requests

  • My son is struggling deeply with depression and alcoholism. He also has same sex attraction. I feel like he had a very bad trauma of some kind very young. I am desperate to see him set free. My heart is breaking for him. Please kindly would you stop and intercede for him! He’s a kind loving person but he is broken hearted.

  • Please pray for my family and the next steps of this season. I don’t even know where to start. 

  • My friend lost her baby to SIDS yesterday morning I'm at a loss I just held the baby on Mother's Day please pray for Rebecca's family n rest in peace baby Amelia.

  • Please pray that my wife Diane will be released from jail; that our business picks

  • up; that I quit taking back my worries. I need peace and clear mind.

    Please pray for me. Lately I’ve been feeling attacked with anxiety, depression and I need prayer for the fruit of the spirit to flow like the living water. That joy will continue to flow and my armor will remain strong. Please, thank you.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Berlin Germany Clark and Ann Peddicord who sent the following updates and prayer requests:
    • “Haus Nazareth” - our community and ministry center in Berlin - has seen a steady flow of refugees arriving, living in the Haus until they could get more permanently located, and then leaving. It has been a time of blessing - as the Apostle Paul said (quoting the Lord Jesus), “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

    • We would appreciate your continued prayers for the students and the Haus and for God to intervene and end the evil of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    • On another front: we have now scheduled our return to Berlin in mid-June, as soon as I can finish up the Gospel of John course. We particularly want to have the video series as complete as possible.