Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for C. He is not a believer. He has had struggles with alcohol but had been a dependable employee for my husband. He recently failed to show up for work. After several attempts he was reached by phone. We had the opportunity to pray with him for God's help. Please pray for God's will and wisdom in this situation. Thank you.

  • Prayer request- my cousin Ben and his wife Melody have a baby boy Leif who was born a couple weeks ago with a heart defect. They knew about this during pregnancy, and he was born in Portland and had a couple surgeries done which haven't fixed the problem, so he's been transferred to Seattle and is now on the heart transplant list. It's hard to come by a small heart for a newborn... but he is on a machine that is basically keeping his heart functioning and all attempts to take him off have failed. But being on this machine can cause other issues or organ damage that would then take him off the transplant list. this is his only option. Please pray for him, and that the Lord may be merciful to Leif and Ben & Melody and allow Leif to keep living here on earth with his parents who love him dearly.

  • Please pray for my sister.
  • Pray for my husband who is in pain all the time. Please just a day now and then with out pain.