June 13, 2017



In everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. –Philippians 4:6.

There is no request too insignificant, no problem too great for our God to address. He is as compassionate as He is powerful and He delights in helping us all find our way into the center of His perfect will. So thank Him in advance; He is working on our behalf and remember--His delay is never His denial. 




  •  Pray for this anonymous request: “Please pray for God to guide me in changing my thoughts and attitude.  I’m feeling as though a force is pulling me away from the Christian life.”


  • Pray that the upcoming Embrace Life Retreat will have a powerful impact on the lives of the women who attend. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide everyone into a greater awareness of God's love.


  • Continue to pray for Ales and Whitney Lejlar, our missionaries  in Slovenia and their little boy Huntley who fractured his head in a fall on Saturday. The hematoma has not decreased in the last few days as the doctors hoped. Whitney feels in her spirit that he truly needs surgery. However the doctors are reluctant to operate because it is very risky and is very invasive. They are debating about what to do. In the meantime:
          • Please pray that God would lead the surgeons and doctors to make the wisest choice according to the Lord's leading and wisdom. 
          • Pray that God would use the Lajlar family mightily for His Kingdom through all of this and give them peace that surpasses understanding. 
          • Pray that He would be glorified through all of this.
  • A mother asks that we pray for her son Jeff who has cancer.  Pray also that her son Mat will be saved and draw the entire family closer to God.


  • Pray for three-and-a-half year old Jacob to have a relationship with his grandmother, who has never met him. The parents are estranged from the grandmother because of their struggles with addictions. Jacob is deaf and is having trouble speaking. The parents do not follow Jesus.  Pray that they would be healed from their addictions and accepted Christ. Pray that Jesus would be their strength and comfort as they raise their little boy. Pray that the relationship between the parents and the grandmother would be restored.


  • Please pray for Bill.  He was in a motorcycle accident and is in St. Al’s in ICU.  He is not breathing on his own and has a bleed on the brain. Pray that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom and heal Bill. Pray that God will be glorified in it all.