Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that God would heal my neck. It’s been very painful. And please pray that I could paint again regularly.

  • Please pray for 2 friends who were both involved in a hit and run accident. Both are in critical condition and in surgery for major injuries.

  • Please pray for our pregnant daughter who has Covid. Pray for safety for both mother and baby. 

  • Please pray for my grandson who is not a believer. I pray that GOD will touch his heart. He was raised in the church.

  • Father please touch the heart of my grandsons mother that she will let us have time with our great grandson. Thank you Father I put my trust in you.

  • Please keep my husband in your prayers. He’s having total knee surgery today.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Slovenia, Ales and Whitney Lajar who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please pray for a brother in Christ, who has been a part of our local church family for over 20 years, and is recently really struggling with doubts, scepticism, and disillusionment with people who claim to follow Christ, yet act worse sometimes than non-believers. Pray that God speaks to him clearly and powerfully, so that he sees the trap of the enemy that is laid before him, who desires to shipwreck his faith.

    • With membership becoming fully established, we need prayer for clear direction on how to best use the information given to us by our church family members. We desire for membership to be a tool of motivation and stronger connection between members and the leadership of the church.  

    • At the end of February and beginning of March we will have two key pastors from Slovenia, sharing at our Sunday service, both of whom have been investing in our church family for the last couple of years. Please pray that it will be a powerful and blessed time for our church family, to be strengthened and encouraged with what God is doing in their lives and all over our country.

    • Please pray for a couple in our church, who have a really hard time staying consistent with attendance, and are constantly fighting strong spiritual battles, to become a divisive tool in the enemy's hand in our midst. May God give us wisdom on how to properly and lovingly deal with them, so that they can mature out of this stage in their lives, and be fully committed followers of Christ.