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And the king said to her, “What do you wish, Queen Esther? What is your request? It shall be given to you—up to half the kingdom -  Esther 5:3

If you know Queen Esther's story you'll remember she was really afraid to approached her husband let alone ask him for a favor. Unless the king extended his scepter to welcome her into his presence, she could lose her life for being so bold. How blessed we are that our King--God in Heaven--is always ready to accept us, listen to us and provide exactly what we need to become more like Jesus. Today, give thanks for His infinite wisdom and trust that His ways are always the very best. 

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Crystal who has been wandering in darkness for a couple of years—willfully walking away from God after experiencing His goodness and knowing His love. She writes: “Now I am here, knowing my need for Him, but not wanting Him.  My heart is so sick. I struggle with how could I know Him like I did and walk away?  Was my faith even real?  Am I just another fake Christian?  I feel so lost.”

  • Please pray for Laura Young’s 5-year-old grandson Alex, who went to the doctor recently after what seemed to be a lingering flu. Tests indicate he has a very low blood count. More test results will be available Monday. In the meantime he is being treated with iron supplements. Please pray that he is simply anemic and that there are no other problems. Please pray that the Lord will take care of the whole situation and relieve his family’s worry and fear, replacing it with comfort and peace.

  • Pray for Michael and his current medical issues.

  • Pray that Sergey will grow in his  faith and spiritual walk with Jesus. 

  • Pray that Edgar can fight through the passivity and be a proactive man with family, ministry and his life with God.

  • Pray that Christ will reveal the path He wants Ken to take to  and that the Lord will strengthen him and give him  courage to get through trials.

  • Bob asks that we pray for his wife, Linda, who has an auto-immune issue along with highly fluctuation blood pressure and heart rate. She also struggles with anxiety.  Please pray that she is healed.