Daily Prayer Requests

  • We have been fighting "the thing" the last 7 days and think we are slowly coming out of it, but it's been a battle. Please pray for continued healing and strength, and that the Lord leads us in this new chapter in Payette. We are already getting connected with some wonderful people out here and just want His will to be done. Thank you.
  • Thank you for all your prayers. My sister and new nephew are doing well considering they do have a bumpy start. Please pray that little baby boy's breathing is steady, that his oxygen level increases and can maintain a healthy heartbeat. Additionally, please pray for God's mercy and healing for my sister as delivery did not go as hoped and that He will give her peace and confidence especially in her first days of motherhood.
  • Please pray for me as I’m dealing with so much anxiety this week. I have been going thru court to get visits with my granddaughter however it’s just not working out. I need strength to let go and let God. I feel like I’m entangled with the devil in thinking I can take control if this situation. I need the strength to move forward and feel contentment in my soul. Please pray that a motion to dismiss this court case will be granted this week and us all safe and guarded from evil doing. Protect us all and move us out of this desert of hurt.
  • Praise God my brother is getting rest, but is sedated and on a ventilator. They are giving him a new treatment tonight for the inflammation in his lungs. They have had good results with this treatment but it is the last treatment available for him please pray.
  • Please pray for Gordon B. He had surgery on 1/25/2022 to remove cancer from his neck. Please pray it hasn't spread.
  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Romania has added more restrictions again after the holidays. The news is reporting that infection rates are growing again although currently our county and city are pretty low but the counties and major cities around are turning yellow. Praying that this next wave passes quickly.

    • Last week we found out that one of the boys that used to be a part of our after school program died of a drug overdose. Daniel would have been around 19-20 years of age. It's pretty heartbreaking for everyone who knew him. I had just talked with him a month or so ago in town and he seemed to be getting his life turned around and was working a construction job. His family is pretty broken up about it and none of them are saved. Praying for God to reveal himself to them in a special way.

    •  Natalie was talking with one of the mom's who live out in the low rent housing area where all of the Roma were moved and she says the drug problem is getting pretty bad. We are praying for an opportunity and wisdom on how to help. 

    •  Also asking prayer as the Russia buildup on the borders of Ukraine has people here nervous. It was not too long ago that they were under the thumb of communism and they are worried that Russia will not stop at Ukraine. 

    •  My mom and brother are feeling better after testing positive for Covid and hopefully will continue to regain their strength. 

    •  Prayer for the logistics of traveling back to visit this summer. Financially and just traveling mercies as the flights that we are following are getting canceled. Praying that restrictions and the turmoil will calm down so that we can travel.