Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for the family of a lady we had prayed for last week w Covid who was placed on a ventilator. She passed away, but she was a believer so we praise God for bringing her Home with no more illness or suffering.

  • Pray for a couple in our church family who are both very sick with Covid.

  • Please pray for my brother. He is now in ICU with Covid pneumonia. He is a believer.

  • Thank you to everyone who prayed for my daughter and grandson.  Thankfully, my daughter did not need to be induced, but her body could not get past 6 cms and each contraction caused baby's heart rate to drop.  There was no choice but to deliver by C Section yesterday the 23rd.  The doctor discovered baby's cord was wrapped around his neck twice.  God in his wisdom always knows what is best.  He is in NICU until his oxygen levels out.  Please pray for both baby and Mom's recovery and that she will easily be able to nurse. 

  • Thank you for your prayers! We are grateful to say that there has been no new growth in my son’s tumor and he will not need any chemo or treatment at this time. Also, I am grateful that I am fully moved back to Boise.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Italy, Brent and Hope Harrell who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Thank you to everyone who prayed for the driver's test! I passed the written part and now will have to take the mandatory lessons in order to take the driving portion. A little odd since I've been able to drive since I was 16, but just another day in the life of Italia! Unfortunately, Isabella will need to take the written part again. She got a much harder test than I did and I'm pretty sure I would not have passed if I would have had the same test as her. SO, we would appreciate continued prayers as we journey towards being official drivers here.

    • Please pray for those who are being dramatically affected by the vaccine mandates here. Many will be suspended and will be without income if they do not comply and get the vaccine. It has been decided that it is mandatory for everyone over 50. It has become quite oppressive. Please pray that the government would rethink these mandates. Pray for the frustration and hopelessness that many are feeling. Pray that we could shine our lights for Christ and have opportunities to share the hope that we have in Him to those who are struggling in this difficult and oppressive time.

    • Please keep praying for our youth group. Pray for Marta especially who has recently decided she's not sure if she wants to believe anymore. Pray against the work of the enemy in the lives of these kids and that they could grow in the truth of God's word. Pray for Micky as he continues to lead them. 

    • Pray for our week of fasting and prayer that is coming up in February.

    • Pray for the ladies bible study that will also be starting up soon.

    • Pray for healing for Luisa, Lidia, Daniella, and Francesca.