Daily Prayer Requests

  • My coworker isn’t a believer. His son was diagnosed with cancer and this week he is in ICU for blood clots. Him and his wife both tested positive for COVID yesterday and aren’t allowed to be with their son. They have 6 children. Please pray that they see the mighty hand of God touch. Please pray that they would come to know the Lord through this. That God be glorified.

  • Please pray for woman in the ER for the 2nd night in a row. Her Blood Pressure is very high. Please pray for guidance for her and her doctors and for healing. Thank you!!

  • Asking for more prayers for a young single mom who is a nurse, her baby boy doesn’t sleep at night and has terrible night terrors. She needs him to sleep so she can sleep too.

  • Pray for me as I am on day 2 of a move that is costing me money paying rent on 2 apartments until I move out of my old one. I am moving and cleaning by myself and it is hard and I am tired!

  • Please pray for my son and his medical treatments. He is having a hard time uploading his latest MRI scan to the Dr’s in San Francisco.  Until he can get that to him they have a hard time treating him.

  • Please pray for the following prayer requests received from our missionaries in Romania, Chris and Faith Anderson:
    • We now have covid. Chris and Mihai are very sick, and Thaddaeus is sick.  So far the rest of us feel okay. Mihai tested positive and because he is so sick we called the family doctor looks like they will be sending an ambulance or something sometime today to test the rest of us and we have to be quarantined for 10 days, maybe more. Therefore the cafe is closed again we had only been open for two days.  Please pray.  Thank you  

  • Please pray for the following request received from our missionaries in Ayotzintepec Mexico, Miguel and Luisa Cruz:
    • Please pray for Miguel.  He has extreme pain in his left leg. It is swollen and he cannot get out of bed.  They are taking him to Tuxtepec this morning, with no idea what could be going on.  Whatever it is, it is also affecting his sister-in-law (Rosario).  She has the same symptoms.  Thankfully, he can afford to go to the doctor. They are grateful for the provision.  Please pray for an accurate diagnosis and healing.