Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for rescue mission service tonight that the Holy Spirit shows up in signs and wonders.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
  • Pray for unity among believers.
  • I wrote a book about homelessness and giving back to the community. Hopefully it will be released the first part of this year. I go to Calvary San Mateo, CA. I want to come back here soon for book launch and want to share ½ of the proceeds of the sale to help fund your ministry here. Please help me pray that God’s favor be in this book and to anyone who reads it.
  • Please pray for my grandma. She is in the hospital.
  • Please pray for a woman who lost a very brave and valiant battle with cancer this week. Pray for her family to have the peace of the Lord to comfort them in their time of grief.  They lost their son to cancer 3 years ago so while mother and son are now reunited in His Kingdom, the family is suffering through another loss
  • We went out of state over Christmas/New Year's and came in contact w people who later tested positive for the virus. My husband & I started having symptoms on the way home. My husband is feeling much better, but I'm still fighting it. Please pray the Lord totally heals me.