Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer request…we had to go back to the emergency room Wednesday night for my husband's blood sugar being over 400.  We’re working to get it fully under control, but now we both woke up this morning with sore throats and a cough. Feels like a cold! Please pray for his blood sugar to get back to normal and that we would not have any further symptoms of illness. We could really use a break in health issues right now!!  Leaning in as He is our healer and Waymaker!! 
  • Pray for the fires that have been burning out of control in Colorado.  Pray for those who have suffered from the damage and destruction.
  • Pray for those we lost in 2021.  Pray for peace and comfort that only our Lord can provide.  
  • Please pray for a woman in her 80's who is having hip surgery.  Asking for prayers of protection and swift healing.
  • Pray for those affected by Covid this season.  Pray for healing and protection over my elderly father who was exposed by his care provider.
  • Please continue to pray for our missionaries in Ayotzintepec Mexico, Migues and Luisa Cruz who sent this update on 12/21/21:
    • Please pray for Julia, who just lost a brother.  He passed away, and she needs prayer for consolation.

    •  Pray for Socrate, Federico, Paulina.  These three accepted Jesús as their Lord and Savior yesterday.

    •  Pray for our church people in Ayotzintepec, to take advantage of this season to preach the Gospel of Jesus.

    •  Pray for Yadira.  She needs a new eye reset because she lost her eye has a kid.  Please pray for her.

    •  Please pray for Doctor Jehu and family to come to church.

    •  Please pray for Luisa and for me, for our need, and for our faith, and to trust more in God. And to do more preaching His word.

    •  Thanks to all who are praying for us and thanks to all of you who support us with your donations. God bless you in Christ.  From my wife Luisa and me we love you in Christ, have a Merry Christmas thank you.