“He who testifies to these things says, ‘surely I come quickly.’ Amen.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”  Revelation 22:20.

It has been so very long since John's great revelation of the Lord's return! And here we are, still saying Lord, come soon. Often in our prayer time we echo that impatience. So many hard things confront God's people and we want fast relief. But our God tells us repeatedly that there is great benefit in patience. Paying heed to the passing of time means we are focused on earthly things----the short span between birth and death. We easily get stressed about achieving our bucket list of desires before time runs out. We want to escape discomfort as much as possible along the way. But God calls us to higher things. When impatience and its buddies anxiety and fear come knocking at your heart's door, remind them that you are an eternal creature. Your life on earth is dedicated to learning to be more like Jesus. You are meant to achieve the life God has ordained for you. Accomplishing His will is always to your ultimate benefit and the  good of Christ's kingdom. There really is nothing to worry about. God always keeps His appointments and He is never, ever late. Your prayers will be answered in His perfect time.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Jana’s daughter Jennifer who went to the ER yesterday with severe abdominal pain. Pray that the doctors will have wisdom to know if it is a kidney stone, appendicitis or something else and that she will be treated effectively, to God’s glory. 

  • Please pray for Jerry who has a rare eye condition and is having surgery today, Tuesday, November 7.  God willing he will be cured and the surgery will be successful.

  • Pray for Rhett and Natalee Allen, our Children’s Ministry Pastor and his wife, as their family adjusts to having three kids, and to life with a newborn in the home. Pray especially for their second daughter Eisley.  She has been acting out a little bit since her little brother was born.  Pray for wisdom on how to parent her effectively. Also pray for their daughter Jovie.  She has recently developed anxiety about being alone and being in the dark. Pray for provision for a van or other vehicle large enough to fit their family. Pray for Rhett and Natalee to develop a rhythm of spending quality time together again. 

  • An anonymous person asks that we "pray for me this week for strength, stamina, hope and happiness. Ask that God will make me effective and productive at work and with finances." 

  • Pray that the first, annual Commissioned Week held last month will bear much fruit and that more members of our body will be engaged in supporting our missionaries through prayer and by meeting practical needs.

  • Please pray for all believers to have more compassion for one another.

  • Please pray for Twilight Hope's Quarterly Prayer Meetings this month. This group ministers to the elderly, and ill who are housebound or residing in care facilities. They will meet on the 9th and 19th to pray for the ministry and for each other. Please pray that God will meet the and help us them as they seek His direction in prayer. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort any of the volunteers who are struggling with loss or the effects of seeing others suffer in the nursing homes or through hospice. Pray that they will be encouraged, strengthened, and renewed for the work that is set before them.