Daily Prayer Requests

  • Two nights ago, we had to call 911 at my house. I woke up to my one-month old baby choking. Her eyes were bulging, red face, body stiff. It was the most traumatic event in my life. I’m so scared to put her to bed now and go to sleep. Medically she’s been cleared but I’m having a hard time not being so traumatized by this event. I pray for her protection and health but still feel so scared that what if the next time I don’t hear her gagging/choking. I don’t want to say I’m angry with God, because it’s not anger, but I feel so abandoned. Why Lord did this happen? Why have I received this blessing of this beautiful child and then have to experience such a traumatic event? I’m scared, I’m tired, and I just want to know everything is going to be ok.
  • Please pray for all those who are traveling this week for the holiday and that time with family and friends will be blessed as we all show our gratitude to God for His mercy and grace by our being graceful to others.  
  • Please pray for a woman who is recovering from a broken back and is staying in a motel. She applied for rental assistance from a local foundation.
  • Please also pray for those who cannot be with family or whose family is too divided to be together. May God's amazing love heal all wounds.
  • Thank you for your steadfast faithful prayers. Please pray for my niece and the twins. The boys start limited unsupervised visitations with their Dad this week. Pray for protection and the best plan and space and love for those babies. Please pray for my niece for health issues to be resolved, for healing. I also would ask for prayer for a peaceful Thanksgiving for our family and many others remembering gratitude.