Daily Prayer Requests

  • I’m the mom who doesn’t do anything right. I just wanted to thank you for praying for me and let you know that I’m doing better. Last night I felt like something physically got lifted off of me. I went to the store yesterday without freezing up, and I want to live again. I know God is going to bring me back from this now.

  • Pray for wisdom for my daughter and son in law regarding their baby and birthing plan.

  • Pray for us as we meet with our realtor to find a home to purchase.

  • Please pray for my mother’s health.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Ayotzintepec, Mexico, Miguel and Luisa Cruz who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Our trip to Mexico City was postponed because of illness in the family. My oldest brother lives in Tijuana and has been very, very sick.  We thought we might have to go to Tijuana.  But he is doing much better.  Please pray for his continued recovery.

    • Someone told of us about an acupuncturist in Tuxtepec, about two hours away, who may be able to help with the facial paralysis. Pray that I get the help I need there and don’t have to travel to Mexico City.

    • We want to bless the children in Ayozintepec at Christmas. Please pray for provision and wisdom to provide gifts for the kids.

    • Pray for provision for two tires for my car.