“Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice, have mercy also upon me and answer me.”  Psalm 27:7.

David, who wrote that psalm, was so passionate about prayer, he often cried out to God. There is something cathartic about talking aloud to the Creator of the Universe. However, it is also comforting to know that our Lord understands us so intimately He also interprets the silent groanings of our hearts. His Spirit is so aware of our needs, our requests are clear even when we haven't the words to express them. Praise God for His compassion and wisdom. Praise God for His friendship and power. Praise God He hears us even when we are silent. 

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for David, a young man who once attended our church with his parents. He is caught in an ongoing battle with drugs and is financially and emotionally drained. He has been unable to pay his probation fees and is on the verge of returning to prison even though he is just three weeks away from completing his three-year probation. He works hard to pay child support for a son he rarely sees and is frustrated because it seems that no matter how hard he tries nothing changes. In addition, his mother who lives in Ohio is suffering with Stage 3 breast cancer. Please ask God to intervene, show him a better way of living and grant him peace and happiness.

  • Please pray for Ashley whose aunt is a member of our church family. Ashley is on her way to North Dakota to testify against a man who trafficked her when she was just 17 years old.  He isolated, controlled and abused her for more than three years.  Pray for justice to be served and for Ashley to have courage and strength as she takes the stand in the state’s case against him. 

  • Pray for Cheri and her son Derek who is having some issues with the brain tumor he has suffered with for years. It continues to grow; there is no more room in the brain for it, so it is causing seizures now. They have not found any cancer so far, but it is still a fairly large size tumor. Continue to pray for his healing and for Cheri to continue strong in her faith. Pray that Cheri, Derek and his son Justin (also a cancer survivor) will experience the peace of God in the midst of this difficult time.

  • Please pray for the Grant family. Amber and Jason have two special needs sons and it is important that as parents, they stay healthy so they can care for their kids. However, Amber recently injured her neck and an MRI reveals two bulging discs pushing into her spinal cord. It may be chronic. She has had a headache for 11 days and it has been interfering with her sleep. Pray that God will grant her relief from the pain and that she is ultimately healed. Pray too that some difficulties with extended family relationships will be resolved.

  • Pray for a woman who was widowed six months ago and needs divine direction and intervention. She was very dependent upon her husband’s salary and he didn’t have much life insurance. So, now she is in financial difficulties and doesn’t know what to do. Ask that God will give her peace of mind and clear direction for the future.

  • Praise God. For some time we have been praying for the Link family. Their 13-year-old son Silas has a non-cancerous, slow growing tumor that is very difficult to remove because it is near his spinal column.  The family has been on a medical rollercoaster and was recently denied a potential treatment by their insurance company. It was very discouraging but they continued to pray. Last summer they applied for a program that provides government assistance based on extreme medical need rather than income. They’ve now received word that they have been approved for that program and they can use its funding for the treatment their insurance refused to cover. Praise God for His extraordinary provision. Please continue to pray that the Lord will heal Silas completely.

Enjoy your time in God’s presence. It is a privileged place to be.