Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise! Thank you for praying for my friend’s dad who was lost. He was found safe!

  • Please pray for a bug infestation in my home. I have tried everything and they come in every fall and spring for years. Please pray for wisdom to know how to get rid of them permanently. I cant find where they come in and how to get rid of them. I have called multiple exterminators and nothing works.

  • Please pray that I could lead my family well, that I could model Christ’s love, patience and grace. I am also praying for multiple new jobs, wisdom, discernment and God’s favor.

  • Please pray for my nieces who are gay and married, that God will intervene and speak truth into their hearts.

  • Pray for my family on both sides. I need guidance in my life and a better understanding of how to get in better standing with my family because they are going through business/ownership hardships.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Germany, Clark and Ann Peddicord who are currently in Boise and who sent the following updates and prayer requests: Just a quick update on two prayer requests:

    • Please pray as we now try to make reservations for our flight to Berlin! Travel is still pretty crazy - ask God to open the door to just the right flight combination at the right time.

    • Our friend’s father - the Baptist pastor, has been unconscious on a heart-lung machine now for several days. The medical staff at the hospital where he was helicoptered in a “Life Flight” are reporting now that his own lungs are ceasing to function and further measures could begin having totally negative effects on all the rest of his body’s systems, too. Please ask for God’s presence, comfort and wisdom to be with our friend, his mother and his siblings as they make this decision - that there will be light on their path. And pray, of course, for our friends father, who will soon be brought directly into God’s Light and Glory unless a huge miracle takes place.