Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the restoration of a relationship. The past 6 months I've realized how much I didn't love, appreciate, or respect him for the man he is.  I know he's met someone else but I also believe God hears us when we cry out and answers prayers.  My family has a huge hole missing from it right now, he brought such a sense of love, acceptance, & family to our household.  I'd give anything to have it back.  My heart is broken and I've come to learn nothing matters more than God and family.  Please pray for him to be reminded of God’s love for him and give him a hope that this can be restored.  I need your prayers. 

  • Please pray for my friend from Emmett who suddenly lost her husband 3 weeks ago from choking. She is now in the hospital fighting pneumonia from COVID and has low oxygen levels. Please pray for her and her 5 children during this difficult time.

  • Please pray for my brother, who is in his 50's from Meridian but his work takes him out of state and he is in NM right now hospitalized with COVID and low oxygen levels, away from all family.

  • Please pray for our 15-year-old grandson who has extreme anxiety and is struggling with drug addiction.

  • Florida Gov. DeSantis announced on Mon. that his wife Casey is battling breast cancer. They have 3 young children. Please let's pray for her family and specifically for her.