Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise! You’ve been praying for my daughter’s fertility issues, well she’s pregnant! Pray for her to be safe and protected from COVID as she works daily around many elderly COVID positive patients. 

  • My dad tested positive for COVID, my mom is sick, and my brother is sick, please pray for them and for me to keep my eyes on the LORD in this time.

  • Please pray for my aunt who is on a ventilator in the hospital with COVID.

  • Praise! My antibodies were a positive test. Please pray for this coming weekend, my husband and I are going to Vegas, to have a nice time together. Pray for my heart to feel at peace, I have had big changes at work, and also getting pressure to get the vaccine. May God take over.

  • My husband is very nauseous. Please pray that the Lord would take this constant nausea away and that the disease he suffers from wouldn’t come back.

  • My medication is really changing my mood in a bad way. It’s very hard on my husband. Please pray for my mood and for him.

  • My husband and I both hurt our backs and can’t do much. Please pray that the Lord heals us and that we don’t think we can do more than we can and re-injure ourselves again.

  • Our family would greatly appreciate prayers for our oldest son. We will be flying out to Boston on Sunday to meet with his team of doctors at Boston children’s hospital. Specifically, prayers for easy travel with COVID restrictions, that the doctors would be able to see the cause of his hearing loss on his brain MRI and audiology exam, that his kidney and liver labs to have improved and that they are able to finally see his pericarditis on his echocardiogram. Also, be praying for him and us as we navigate this new season as his disease is causing him to lose his hearing.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Ayotzintepec, Mexico, Miguel and Luisa Cruz who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • A woman in our church is really sick, and is probably going to die soon. Please pray for her, that God would be merciful to her.

    • Also pray for a man who is also really sick. He needs a doctor’s attention for an internal infection. It is complicated.

    • Please pray for Luisa and me. We are doing better every day, but we still need to be in quarantine until next week. I need patience.