Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the family of a man who just passed away. He was active in our church and loved the Lord. Please pray for his family as they grieve and go through this incredibly difficult time.

  • Please pray for my father in law who was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. We are going to visit them this week. Please pray for our time together. My husband’s relationship with his dad is strained at times.

  • Please pray for the men in our church. Pray for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in their lives, that they would be men of the word and men who have a heart that wholly seeks after God.

  • Please pray for a few of my friends. May God's healing grace abound. More so, they will know God's love and the true meaning of the cross of Jesus.

  • Salvation for these: Dylan, Olivia, David, Sebastian, Spencer, Westly, Bobby.

  • Please pray for my dad. That he would have strong faith, he is dealing with lots of different things and has way too much stress. Praying for God’s peace to flood his heart and mind.