Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my 12-year-old son who is experiencing anxiety because of being bullied and at school for not getting the COVID vaccine. Please pray for the Lord to walk with him, comfort and protect him.

  • Please pray for my husband’s health that it would only improve, not get worse. Symptoms of the acute condition that destroyed his health in the past are reappearing and we’re both afraid of what that could mean for him.

  • Please pray for a very dear friend. Right now, she is facing some very serious dental work, the removal of all of her teeth, she will need to be put under general anesthesia because of certain health conditions. She is very scared and I’m very concerned. Please pray for a healthy recovery. She is very sad right now.

  • Please pray for our son who will be driving across the country next week for his job relocation. We are asking God for supernatural protection, strength, His covering, and wisdom.  Thank you for joining us in prayer.

  • I found out that the company I have worked for 21 years may require of all employees be vaccinated or be fired, they will make an announcement the end of September. I’m trying not to stress and trying to trust God has a plan but am struggling to do that so please pray I can do that. Please pray that I would know if I’m supposed to stand and fight for my human rights and that God gives me direction and strength to do so in a way that glorifies Him. If I am not supposed to work for Alaska Airlines anymore that’s ok, please pray God will help me find work that will provide for my family and hopefully something I will also enjoy.

  • Please pray for an upcoming marriage counseling session for a couple who is struggling in their marriage. Please pray for God's healing and restoration in their marriage and for their love to return.  The counselor says this next session is going to be a rough one.  Pray for the Lord's strength to help get them through this session and make the needed spiritual changes in their lives.

  • I’m on different medication and it’s making me an angry and difficult person to live with, but I have to wait a few weeks before my doctor wants me to get tests done. Please pray that I could just be myself again for my family. It’s very stressful for them.