Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for my brother in law who last week fell on a movie set and broke both femurs, both arms and shattered the left side of his face. He has had multiple surgeries in the past week. Please continue to pray for complete healing, for comfort and peace for our family.

  • Please pray for my nephew who has COVID. Please also pray for scans coming up for me next week to see how my kidney is doing and to check to see if the spot on my pancreas has spread.

  • Please pray for my coworker’s wife. She has COVID and was put on a ventilator. Please pray for her healing and God’s protection over the family.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Sierra Leon, Alpha and Doris Bangura who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Praise be to the Lord Jesus for granting healing to the children. The past few months has not been easy for the home. The rainy season brought along so many sicknesses and diseases that has claimed the lives of many people in Sierra Leone. Thank God for the fact that all the children in the home are making progress spiritually, morally, physically, and mentally in terms of education. I know this is the doing of God through your prayers and financial support.

    • Pray for us that God lead me to the right bore hole drilling company that will be ready to accept a reasonable offer as payment to drill the Mercy home bore hole.

    • Pray for me, Pastor Alpha, that the Lord Jesus be my helper in handling the affairs of the children and the effective running of the orphanage and other ministry activities.

    • Pray that the Lord Jesus grant me traveling mercies to and from Ghana. I need God’s protection.