Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our son who has been arrested and accused of many charges that he has not committed. Please pray that the Lord will intervene in this harsh time of trials and tribulations that he is facing. That the Lord will protect him from all evil and harm’s way. Pray that all of his needs will be met while he is there. Pray that the Lord's will be done in in his life and that the Lord will bless him and use him to bring many people to Christ.

  • I ask that my marriage be prayed for. My wife has left to move in with a friend and I just pray that she will let us reconcile and go to counseling and work on our marriage.

  • Please pray for the medical professionals working in the hospitals. My daughter works at a local hospital here in Boise and is also doing extra shifts in Meridian. These folks are weary. When I saw my daughter tonight it looked like she had been crying and she was very depressed. Tomorrow is 7 days straight at the hospital for her. Like many of her co-workers, she is feeling over worked, hopeless and overwhelmed. It is taking a huge toll on these folks.

  • Please pray for Haiti and Afghanistan. Our brothers and sisters need our prayers. They are being persecuted and murdered.

  • Please pray for the work being done in India through Send Hope Now. We received the following updates and prayer requests: The following requests came recently from India:

    • Please pray for our ministry in Hiachal Pradesh since due to the heavy monsoon rains we are unable to visit the members of our community.

    • Please pray for God’s peace to the many families who have lost loved ones during the pandemic.

    • Please pray for God’s protection for all our pastors and families and for their spiritual growth.