Daily Prayer Requests

  • My friend has been suffering from COVID since the beginning of 2020. His elderly parents who were vaccinated now have COVID and are very sick. Please pray for healing for all of them.

  • Please pray for my daughters sister in law. She is in a southern California hospital with COVID.  She is 58 years old and has been hospitalized for 2 days.  Please pray for her healing. 

  • Me and my family, 7 of us, all have COVID. We are faring okay but a few of us have some underlying condition that make it concerning. We ask for prayer for healing.

  • Please pray for a negative result on a mammogram I had last week and for a squamous cancer I need to have removed.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following updates and prayer requests: Today I will have a meeting with the elders, and we will talk about opening the church tomorrow and also chat about the vision (plans of work) that I have for the church for the next year or so. We will call the owner of the new church building and see how things are going with the fixing of the place.  I hope to have good news about the building. I have some prayers requests for this week:

    • Pray for the plans that I have (vision for the church) to get an agreement with the elders and work together for the benefit of the church.

    • Keep praying to get good news from the owner of the building that we planned to rent for the church.

    • Pray for all the members of the church to help out with the new expenses that we will have in the new place.

    • Pray for the elders to be the first ones on time for the bible studies and for the cleaning of the church and also for the prayer meetings.

    • Pray for all the church in general to not be afraid to get together for the services and bible studies.

    • Pray for my kids, they will be back to school online next Monday.

    • Pray for my wife and I to have the wisdom to do the right things with all that we do at church and to help out our kids with school. Sometimes we get stressed out with all these activities (kids’ school, work, chores, church, and meeting with the new believers, etc.) Thanks so much for your prayers and support, we send you a big hug brothers and sisters, we love you amigos!