Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a miracle for 2 separate Muslim families who have served our military in Afghanistan. They are being helped by Christians who are former Muslims and they will come to Boise if they get out! Specifically, they need to agree on a secure place to meet and they need to have self-control not to tell anyone else that they're going.  Please also pray that there would be no issues with the paperwork, the names and dates of birth need to be exactly right. These people need wisdom on deciding on where to meet, they need protection, they need freedom from fear and most of all they need salvation.

  • Please pray for a woman who desperately needs a place to stay for at least the next few weeks. She has 2 daughters, one who may be developmentally delayed. She needs prayer (of course) and she needs someone to reach out to her with an offer of a room. I get the impression that she's overwhelmed and really just needs a respite. She does have a job.

  • After a myriad of tests and scans, my 37yo husband has officially been diagnosed with MS.  He has numerous white spots in his brain and his spine. We are digesting this recent shocking news but are trying to remain positive and optimistic that it is a "remission" type of MS.  We want to seek out a 2nd opinion, but in the meantime, I pray we will remain faithful to our Lord's will.  Please also pray that God's love will become clear to my husband and will soften his heart.  He knows OF God but doesn't have an intimate relationship with Him, and is still trying to live on his own strength. 

  • Please pray for my 16 year old daughter. She has a vaping addiction, please pray she would desire Jesus more than anything! Pray that the Spirit would be evident in her life.

  • Pray for our country and world. With all the lies, violence, inhumanity and persecution of Christians, we need hope and prayer more now than ever. I believe it’s vital at this time to help strengthen our faith.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Germany, Clark and Ann Peddicord who are currently in Boise and who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • The last time we wrote, I was scheduled to have an MRI and visit the “Center for Pancreatic and Liver Disease” for an evaluation of the cysts they discovered in my pancreas. That took place last week - Ann was able to go with me. That was the first time since the beginning of this odyssey that she’s been allowed to come. The good news is that the cysts do not show any signs of being malignant. The physician wants to keep track of them and I will have to return for another MRI in about six months. We’re deeply grateful. I told Ann as we walked toward the parking lot that after all that has happened since the end of March, it was like a door opened to a prison cell. 

    • We are dearly hoping to be able to schedule our return to Berlin in the second half of September or beginning of October - I have an appointment with an Immunologist/ Rheumatologist the end of August. He is the physician who discussed the idea with me of going to a research hospital (like Mayo Clinic) to try and determine what the actual cause of my hospitalization was. But he counseled waiting to decide until I’d been out of the hospital for 4 months or so - and also delaying our return to Berlin a bit longer than that. One key decision will be whether I should take the 2nd “Shingles” vaccination or not. The regimen calls for 2 injections, not more than 6 months apart. But with Flu season soon to be upon us and the possibility of a COVID booster shot, it becomes even more complicated. We’d definitely appreciate your prayers!