Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my husband. He has severe asthma and the smoke is very hard on his lungs. He has to go outside today. Sometimes he can’t hardly breathe.

  • The church has been praying for me. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to be challenged. My car was hit and damaged by a reckless driver yesterday. It is drivable but definitely needs to be repaired to be safe. Please pray that I can get my car fixed ASAP so I can continue to try and find a job because the one I was on my way to when my car was stolen was compromised because of the two weeks I was waiting to get my car returned so I need my car fixed and a job.

  • Prayer for God‘s peace and presence to be in my new space at the salon! 

  • Please pray for my grandson who is starting school at Ambrose, that he would stay disciplined, and stay ahead of his schoolwork.

  • Please pray for my friend’s horse Boone, for complete healing. Please also pray for another girl's horse that has a broken leg, headed into surgery and if successful - 3 months of stall rest. Would be awesome to see God's creatures healed, and help the owners with anxiety and vet bills.