Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me. I have a new owner at the hair salon I am at and I have a beautiful space I’ve been in for 20 years, new owner wants to move me upstairs, in a not great space. I am struggling, the room I am in is a beautiful garden room that has God‘s presence. It’s making me very sad, and I am trying to keep hope something will change.

  • I have been corresponding and financially supporting my brother who is in prison. Idaho Corrections has denied an ophthalmologist for my brother for 2 years and he is slowly going blind with glaucoma. At one point, they even withheld glaucoma medicine from him for months. Now, the paralegal is ignoring him and not notarizing paperwork for my brother to make me his power of attorney and other time sensitive legal papers get thrown out of court because the paralegal is not doing his job. 

  • Please pray for the marriages in our church, particularly those that suffer in silence unsure of how to get help.

  • Please pray for more godly men to be raised up to lead our families and participate in serving in our church.

  • Please pray for the work being done in India through Send Hope Now. We received the following updates and prayer requests: The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) in India is currently reviewing our Send Hope Now ministry as it relates to receiving foreign contributions (from the U.S.). Please pray that they pass the review so our ministry to HIV children, lepers, and widows won’t be affected.