Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a friend that is 38 years old, just had a baby 4 days ago & is in the ICU, with COVID. She is doing ok, please pray for a full recovery.

  • Please pray that my tests arrive perfectly and that the results tell what’s really happening.

  • Please pray for my grandmother, whose dementia is progressing very quickly. The police found her on Sunday wandering about a mile from her house. She is hearing voices and very disconnected from reality. My parents are trying to convince her to stay with them so she doesn’t have to live in a care facility. Please pray for her, and for my mom, who is dealing with so much grief at the loss of her mom as she’s always known her.

  • I am currently facing eviction. I have to the end of August to move. I’ve been frantic looking for a place to live. This sermon of today has calmed my heart. I know not to worry about where I will live. Today what I know about the birds and the flowers not ever worrying about what life has in store for them!