Daily Prayer Requests

  • I would like prayer for God to open the doors to start a small breakfast and jerky shop. It's been on my heart and I need prayers for guidance and the way I should go with this.

  • Please pray for healing, strength, wisdom, peace and love to abound. I feel so weary and exhausted from the trials myself and my family have been going thru for the last 7 weeks. My husband's health is not good, on top of the incredible leg pain/cramps, medications, tests, doctor visits and poor sleep, we now think he has a kidney stone. My 2 young children are recovering from mild colds but now I'm suffering with it. Please pray for perseverance.

  • PRAISE! Today the owner of biotech decided to let my husband totally run the company. Please pray for him to have God‘s wisdom on how to run everything well,

  • Please pray for my mom to get more vision after her eye surgery, she still has a lot of distortion.

  • Please pray for the work being done in India through Send Hope Now. We received the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please pray fervently for the healing of P, S, and R from COVID-19 and in a Government Rehabilitation Center.

    • Please pray for the healing of someone of a foot ulcer and unable to walk.

    • Please pray for the healing of someone of fever and cough.

    • Please pray for the complete healing of someone who has foot ulcers and is struggling to walk.

    • Please pray for the delivery of a healthy baby.

    • Please pray for God’s protection for all the patients during the corona pandemic.

    • Please pray for wisdom for 2 brothers in the Lord.