Daily Prayer Requests

  • Help that evil in this world will be exposed. That our families would be protected. Guidance as we walk through the uncertain times. Protection for 2 of my friends.

  • Praise! My niece is in the Navy and we’ve been praying for her “leave” time to be approved for her sister’s wedding – IT HAS BEEN APPROVED!

  • Please keep praying for daughter’s health (infertility) issues.

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Praise the Lord for divine appointments with people whose hearts are receptive to the gospel.Please pray that the Lord will reveal himself to these individuals and that they will surrender their lives to Christ…and that I will have more divine appointments and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

    • We have had a great summer at the after-school program and the kids are on a break until the first of September (school starts mid-September here in Romania). We leave on our excursion to Mangalia (Black Sea) on Aug 8 and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for all the details of the trip, safety and teachable moments.  The kids worked hard to earn enough points to go on the excursion and the Lord has miraculously provided for us to go.  We are all very excited!  Please pray especially for our older boys…sadly, they are not reading their Bibles at home and at this time have no interest in doing so.  

    • An unexpected change happened regarding our volunteer.  He is no longer coming this summer. However, he still wants to do some online things with us, so please pray for our interactions to be led by the Holy Spirit and that the Lord will do a powerful work in his heart.

    • I have good news and bad news about my health mystery. The good news is that we are discovering what isn’t causing the problem….my organs are fine, I do not have an autoimmune disease, etc…but no one has been able to determine what is causing the inflammation resulting in hives and joint pain.  Thankfully, my knees are doing well and my hives are controllable with medication.  I will have another round of blood tests in a month and hopefully we will know more.  I sure appreciate your prayers.  My mom had surgery yesterday and we should hear the results of her biopsy soon (possible breast cancer).  I appreciate your prayers for her.