Daily Prayer Requests

  • I am a single mom and get my baby back full time after 3 weeks of recovery from major surgery. I am still very weak and exhausted with pain. Please pray that I would have strength, rest, healing and that the transition would be very smooth.

  • Pray that we would look to Jesus for strength in everything. 

  • Praise you God! I see your work in our country; thank you for the freedom to worship freely. Please, Father, continue to touch the heart of my grandson, to allow us to have time with him.

  • Please pray for my husband, he has debilitating health problems that seem to be coming back. Please pray that God wouldn’t let them come back and that He would heal my husband. My husband tries so hard with the little health he has, but he always feels guilty he can’t do more like a normal person could. Seeing what little he has starting to fail again is really scary for us both, especially since he’s the wage-earner.

  • My cousin has COVID, his mom went to go visit him and help him, he doesn't sound too good over the phone, he says it's hard to breathe, but through it all he us trusting God. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Please also for his sister to come back to the Lord.