Daily Prayer Requests

  • My car just died and is irreparable. Praying for God’s provision for a reliable, reasonably priced car. I am on a fixed income as well. Thank you

  • Please pray for a friend who has been having health issues. There are a few things that they have discovered. He will need surgery for one area and is seeing a specialist soon to determine if he also needs surgery on his adrenals. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for peace and comfort for him and his family.  

  • I work at the VA and just got notice that all healthcare workers must be vaccinated or lose their job. I am not a healthcare worker but work in the VA and the mandate will be coming to me soon. Please pray that I and fellow coworkers who lose jobs as a result of not getting the vaccine will find gainful employment elsewhere soon!

  • Please pray for my step mother in law who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They need to do another biopsy before surgery is scheduled. Please pray for peace and comfort for her and wisdom for the doctors.

  • Please pray my medicine gets here in time.

  • Please pray for the work being done in India through Send Hope Now. We received the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please pray for the widows, many of whom recently lost their husbands to COVID.  They have in most cases lost the breadwinner for the family and have no means of support for their families. 

    • Pray for the children in the Homes as they aren’t allowed to attend school at this time due to COVID