Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my husband. He has had health issues with heart and neck since April. He almost died and I was able to resuscitate until paramedics arrived. I am grateful and thankful to God for giving me the strength to do what I did that day. Now he has health issues since then with a cyst/lump on his neck. Echocardiogram is on Friday, please pray for his health. My husband lost his mom to COVID last December. We need prayers for peace.

  • Praise report! Gold panning mom here, God gave us money so we’re good. God is so stinking good to us.

  • I just got word that I will start chemotherapy & I have a mass, most likely cancer, pushing on my intestines. The cancer is in my blood but it's not high. I'll do 3 rounds of chemotherapy & possibly have surgery if chemotherapy isn't successful.

  • Could you please pray for my single mom's group. We are meeting on Saturday the 31st next. Please pray that we can sharpen one another, bear one another’s burdens & just have good fellowship.

  • Please pray for a young man who is struggling with deep depression and bound up in some kind of addiction. He is a brilliant young man who comes from a Christian family but his intelligence continues to block him from accepting the Bible and Jesus as Lord. He is seeking everywhere for Truth and Satan has been working overtime to destroy him. Please bind up all lying spirits and ask Jesus to reveal Himself as his Lord and Savior and as his great Deliverer too. He is my daughter dear friend. Please ask Jesus to give her wisdom to know how to pray and speak words of life to her troubled lost friend.