Daily Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Penny. She has some broken bones in her lower back and she will need surgery to correct the problem.  Pray that God would bless the surgery and her recovery.

  •  Please pray for Sally who has thyroid cancer and had a biopsy this week to see if it has spread to her lymph nodes. Please pray that it has not spread and that the doctors are able to successfully remove her thyroid. She is a believer but is not in fellowship. Pray that this will draw her and her family closer to the Lord.

  •  Please pray for Laura and Curtis Young. While on vacation in Oregon Curtis experienced a serious intestinal bleed that required several blood transfusions, an endoscopy and further testing. He remains hospitalized in Lincoln City. Please pray that the Lord heals him in a way that is a great witness to all caregivers. Pray for Laura to have divine strength and ability to overcome the challenges of being so far from home.

  • Please pray for Wayne and his wife who are enduring health issues and financial hardship. They are especially disappointed that they can no longer support orphans in India. Ask the Lord to give them a sense of peace and relief.

  • Please continue to pray for the Link family. Silas had another MRI this week. Recently the insurance company denied their last appeal for approval of a new treatment. Please ask God to heal the tumor completely and to continue to give the Links an abundance of grace and faith.

  • Please pray for Becky who has been struggling with a painful rash for more than a month. She thinks it might be shingles and is trying to get in to see a doctor. She is not a believer. Pray that this difficult circumstance would cause her to seek the truth of Jesus.