Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my niece who is in the Navy. She has been home since the beginning of COVID and her sister is getting the end of August. She has put in a request for leave but has not heard if it is approved. She is suffering from depression as her time in the navy has been isolating. Pray that her leave would be approved, that Jesus would speak to her and for her ears and eyes to be opened.

  • Please pray for our daughter to come back to Jesus. That she would be healed from MS. Please also pray for our other daughter and her husband to find a place to live.

  • Pride Parade is 9/11/21, I would like to show God’s love in action to them at this event. I am thinking of handing out water bottles. Please pray for wisdom.

  • We received the following anonymous prayer request. My family needs prayers for money. We’re floundering. My ex-husband left in March, and God has taken care of us. I’m backed into a corner right now though. I can’t sell anything because of a court order he gave me. This includes paintings that I made. I can’t work until my kids are back in school because we’re living with family who isn’t kind to the kids. I’ve been gold panning, but I’m not getting very much gold and my brakes are going out. I was hoping things would get better after we got the child tax money but he took it all. I’m needing to pay my insurance and brakes for my car, get clothes for my two year old, and do some sort of birthday for him.

  • We are members of the community labeled chronically homeless due to our background. We are we are experiencing issues once again with finding a place to park our motorhome. I am currently fairly ill with a condition that may or may not be treatable and I'm causing much extra burden on my other half. But as usual we are trying our best to make it and could use a little extra help. Please pray for us.

  • Please pray for me. A medicine I’m on is giving me radical mood swings that are making me angry and hard to live with. I just don’t feel in control anymore. It’s effecting my marriage and my relationship with the Lord. I can’t see the doctor for almost month. I don’t know what to do. Please also pray the doctor gets the levels right the first time so this doesn’t happen again.