Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for those with chronic illness, that suffer daily.

  • Please pray for the reconciliation of my family. It is heartbreaking to see the pride and stubbornness continue especially amongst people who claim to follow the Lord.

  • Please pray that my sisters would return to the Lord.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Pray for a little boy whose grandparents brought him to church last Sunday. His grandparents are worried about his behavior at home and with his mom and with his teachers at school.

    • Please pray for extra income. I need to pay my auto insurance this week. It is 30% cheaper if I do it this way. I had the money together to do it, but I had to use the money for extra expenses that we had. I trust that the Lord will provide.

    • Pray for the place we are renting for church. (Part of the roof is getting fixed.) As soon it is done we will move into the building.

    • Pray for more servants, faithful ones with a servant heart for the Lord.