Daily Prayer Requests

  • Follow up to recent urgent prayer-- thank you for all your continued prayers. My husband had his MRI and they found white lesions in his brain, suspecting MS as a tentative diagnosis but still waiting on confirmation with neurologist. This is a very big shock to us and we are still trying to wrap our mind around this news. We have some massive adjustments & decisions to make going forward but we only want what God wants so please pray that we can remain in Him, that my husband can feel some relief from this incredible pain and that the doctors have clarity and discernment going forward.

  • I have been struggling for some time now. I was on my way east to a job that could have turned my life around. I stopped in Denver and while I was inside a store, someone stole my car, which is where I had everything I owned, clothes, toiletries etc. I just don’t have the strength to climb back out of the hole I almost made it out of. Without transportation I’m not sure if the job will happen not to mention the hardship of getting there. I’m at rock bottom. Please pray for me.

  • Pray for salvation for a friend of mine, and that she would be baptized.

  • I have lower back pain, I've had it for a week. Some days it seems to be fine, but other days I can barely walk and I'm not even old.

  • my neighbor has been in the hospital for 1 week with COVID and has less than a 50% chance of survival. Please pray for a total healing, she is a Christian.