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  • Our family would love prayer for good health! Our boys have been sick with tummy/gut issues for over a week, and we can’t seem to figure it out. Please pray for wisdom to know what we should try and do.

  • The department I oversee is looking to hire someone.  I could use help praying for just the right person to join our team.

  • Please pray for the beginning stages of vision casting and trip planning for the first few missions for next year. Please also pray for the formulation of our 2018-2020 short-term mission trip calendar.

  • My grandfather has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he has to eat with a feeding tube and has chemo five times a week. He's very tough and is holding up very well. Please pray that he is healed and can come to have a closer relationship with Jesus through this process.

  • Please continue to lift up Commissioned Week. Pray for the working of the Holy Spirit to glorify Christ. Pray that the body is exhorted and encouraged.

  • Please pray for Joyce, who has lung cancer and doesn’t have much time left.  Please be praying for her salvation and for her loved ones.

  • Please pray for a church in Uganda that has 50 orphans and no food. The Pastor is trying to be faithful to God! Also about job situation for my husband.