Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for my friend that was in the ICU and refused to be put on a ventilator. He is out of the hospital and healing! Thank you for praying!

  • Please pray for me as we have court on Thursday (6/10) to request grandparent visits with our little granddaughter. We have had no contact with her for a year and a half. We ask that God help us to be granted visits. Her father is currently in prison and her mother is currently on supervised probation with her 2nd DUI. Please pray for this broken family as so many family members have been removed from our granddaughters life.

  • Please pray for our time together with our parents that it would be great, peaceful, and would end well. Also, that we would have the energy, strength, and excellent health to enjoy each other and the time we have. That God would just make it awesome.

  • Please pray for a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer and has been going through treatment for a few months now. I pray that God Almighty would heal her for His Glory.

  • Please pray for my coworker who is a single mom. She does not know the Lord, please pray that she may see God’s unmistakable hand in her daily life.

  • I am asking for prayers for myself as my body seems to be hurting and attacked by Satan every day.  Please pray especially for my knees as I may need another surgery. 

  • Please pray for my 2 daughters who are 13 & 15.  Their dad is back in jail and I have to tell them.  Please pray that they would not take it personally but instead turn to Jesus on their personal lives. 

  • Please pray for a man who has COVID.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • We started Sunday school for the kids several weeks ago and it's been great so far. We have started our youth group again and will be working our way through the book of Romans with them. I am going to share teaching time with another friend of mine from the church. Praying that both of these are fruitful for the kids because it has been a long time since they have been able to legally gather together.

    • Our kids are going to finishing up the school year and our son will be graduating from high school this year. He has been volunteering at the afterschool program the last year and is also going to help with teaching the youth group so we are pretty excited about that. Asking for prayer for God's plans for him as he seeks the Lord for what is to come next. Prayers appreciated as we begin entering this new season as our kids are growing older.

    • Please pray for a woman who visited church on Sunday, she was pretty up front about not liking church at all but came with a friend. I found out that she had suffered abuse while being in placement with a priest. She stayed for the service. Praying that the Lord would reveal himself to her.

    • Next week we are gathering together for a pastor's meeting in Brasov. Praying for safe travels.