Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my sister and brother-in-law as they deal with the loss of their newborn baby. Pray that they would draw close to Jesus in the midst of their grief.

  • Please pray that the Lord would lead us about church.

  • Please pray for my sister, she is struggling with mental illness and has cut off most of our family.

  • Pray for provision for us. Money has been tight lately, but we trust that God gives us all we need. My in laws have also been struggling with work since the beginning of the Pandemic, pray God would provide work for them. God has been providing for all we need. 

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Slovenia, Ales and Whitney Lajar who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please pray for youth ministry planning for the upcoming summer. We ask for God to provide wisdom in regards to which camps to move forward with, and for workers to put their hands to the plow, that the harvest may come in.

    • Praise God that the furniture for the new ministry, the "Second-hand room" (as in the thrift room) has come in. Please pray for a solid team of volunteers to form, who will be committed to consistently filtering in new items, as well as serving our church and community with the resources God has provided.

    • Please continue to pray for all those who have begun following online. Pray that they will reach out, and connect with the body, for many sons and daughters of God to be revealed through this most impossible of times! Our God still does the impossible and it's glorious to see!

    • Please pray for wisdom, as Whitney is considering going to her best friend’s graduation ceremony for her PhD in the States. She wants to celebrate the end of 24 years of education, yet with all the COVID restrictions it's a very complicated time to travel. She is also praying about meeting her niece in Washington who will soon be 3 years old, as well as meet up with all of you in Boise.

    • Please continue to pray for the completion of the kitchen renovation, as all of the plans were scrambled and delayed as a result of the quarantine. We are still kitchen-less, which is extremely challenging with five kids in the home!

    • Please pray for a successful end of the school year for all of our children.