Daily Prayer Requests

  • I just ask that the Lord guide me in helping my friend. I’m concerned that she’s headed down the wrong path, and seeking healing from the wrong place. I’m scared that if I try to lead her to Jesus that it will push her further away.

  • Please pray for my nephew for healing from his surgery.

  • Prayers for my friends.

  • Prayers for my friend and her court day that is coming that she will enter the program and be able to continue being healed.

  • Pray for my children to be saved.

  • Praise the Lord for my child graduating.

  • Please pray for my friend who is going through a lot at home and work – needs grace, guidance and God’s will.

  • Please pray for the reconciliation of my family.

  • Please pray for my grandparent’s salvation.

  • Please pray that my niece and nephew would be protected from the lies of the enemy and that they would be captive by the love of Jesus and live a life surrendered to Him.

  • Please pray, my classmate has COVID.

  • My niece has custody hearing on June 3rd concerning the twins. Please pray for the Lord's will to be done. The father and the environment he will provide isn't the best and he has been abusive in the past.