• Pray for addicts, relationships, revelation and understanding of Christ and the Gospel.

  • Pray for all the brothers and sisters struggling with addiction.

  • Pray for my children that God just keep putting love in their hearts and for me that God reveal the path that He has laid out for me.

  • Pray that He gives me the strength to endure. I ask for a rapid healing with my surgery Friday.

  • Please pray for a young man named Ilusion in Downey, CA. I met him today at a freeway exit as I was out ministering as part of a homeless outreach. He was asking for money. I gave him a bag of food and a flyer from our church. When he saw the flyer, he began to cry and said he belongs to Boise Calvary. He’s desperately trying to get back home. Pray that I see him again and can continue ministering to him. Praying for deliverance for our homeless brothers and sisters.