Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that my daughter, who has recently been coming to the post college group, be reconciled to Jesus Christ. And that she continues to come on Sunday evenings.

  • Please pray for my father and mother’s salvation. In addition, my dad has been struggling with his memory recently and we could use prayer for convincing words and open doors to help guide him into doctor’s care so we can figure out if it’s Alzheimer’s, like his parents had, or just normal memory loss for his age. Please pray for patience for my mother and I as we learn to navigate these daily changes. Please pray for the Lord to comfort our hearts in this time, and to be present in unimaginable ways for my parents.

  • Please pray for my mother in law who has been at the hospital since Saturday.  She has been mostly unconscious for the duration of her stay and it is unclear what exactly is going on.  She may be in septic shock with other complications.  Also, pray for peace and faith for the family.

  • Please pray for a student’s mom and dad. They are going through a divorce and they have a little brother who is sick and needs healing.

  • Please pray for students taking end of the year tests.

  • Please pray for the work being done in India through Send Hope Now. We received the following updates and prayer requests:

    • The second wave in India is dreadful. Medical professionals report mutated variant of the virus killing huge population. As on date, the daily reported corona positive cases have crossed 400,000. There is a lack of vaccines, oxygen, hospital beds and above all overwhelming fear among the people.  State Governments are opting for lockdown based on the severity of the infected cases.  In most of the cases, public transport (both buses and trains) has been withdrawn. Statistics have become unreliable.

    • Leper community in Barugur have been directed not to leave to other places for begging. This has resulted in their economic activity coming to a standstill. To ensure that the 250 leper families survive this lockdown, the Trust has provided Nutrition Support Kit to ensure each family are able to maintain for one month.  It is planned to provide such assistance for a period of 2 or 3 months.

    • In coordination with the Dindigul HIV Positive Society, Kanyakumari HIV Positive Society and Tuticorin HIV Positive Society, the Trust have identified Widows, children and families who are greatly affected due to the second wave of corona pandemic. More than 150 families have been identified in these places and Nutrition Support Kits have been distributed.

    • Our Trust and volunteers are involved in burying our believers who have passed away due to corona infection. We are following very many stipulations to ensure that the burial takes place as per Government directives. Please pray for strength and health for the team in India as they are working day and night to help as many as possible