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  • Pray for the homeless/hungry in Puerto Rico.

  • Pray for Christians of all faiths to unite and start a petition to abolish Planned Parenthood and outlaw it.

  • Pray that three kids who jumped my son are arrested.

  • Please pray for the lost to find Jesus. For those going through trials to find Him and the peace and joy that can be found only in Him. Please pray for the church to keep their light shining bright.

  • Pray for my family to have a house to live in.

  • Please pray for peace and comfort to my family. My grandpa has been moved to the ICU, his kidneys aren’t working, so they are starting him on dialysis. On top of that he is still in a deep sleep even though they have reduced his pain meds intake. Because of his DNR, they will allow the doctors to put him on a ventilator only if he needs it to give the dialysis a chance to start working. If the dialysis isn’t working at all then they all agreed to take him off any ventilator and let the Lord take my grandpa home when He is ready.