Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the mother of a dear friend. She is in serious condition in the ICU.

  • Please pray for my marriage. Pray I find Gods wisdom to know what I should be doing or not doing. I’m so broken! Pray for my husband to possibly find/accept Jesus and pray I find strength to not fall apart!

  • Please pray for my right sciatica and healing for my back.

  • Please pray my grandson finishes school strong, especially in math. Also, he is trying to lose weight to take care of his temple and make healthy choices.

  • Please pray for my granddaughter who is 8 years old and got mixed up with a sexual predator on her cell phone.

  • My son, who is entering 8th grade and diagnosed ADHD and autistic, after much prayer for leading and direction, has been offered a spot at Ambrose school. Being a solo parent (his father abandoned us 13 years ago) I am doing all I can to provide for us. That being said, there is no income for tuition. I prayed specifically that if Ambrose is where God wanted him, He would open that door, and if not He would shut it. Well, the door has been opened and we are about to walk through it in faith that God is going to provide. I ask for prayer for leading and direction and this this would be another testament of HIS faithfulness in our life and bring all glory to Him, as there is so much more to this story!