Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for what He is doing in my marriage, thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement. I see baby steps forward and I believe the Holy Spirit is asking me to pray for healing for her especially. Our next counseling sessions is Monday (5/3) at 8pm if you could keep that in prayer as well.

  • Please pray for restoration with my adult daughter. My ex-husband and I went  through a terrible divorce 11 years ago.  My son and daughter had a difficult time with it. My daughter has not spoken to me in 10 years.  My son is struggling with his faith even still.  My heart is broken.

  • Pray for wisdom for how we can build resilient child disciples in our homes and through our churches.

  • Pray for me to find a healthy work, home rhythm and for Jesus to be the motivation for everything at work and at home.

  • Please pray for reconciliation in my family. We have seen God work and move and are longing for our family to be reunited. Please pray for open ears, hearts and minds and a humbleness of spirit for all parties.

  • Please pray for my husband, that the Holy Spirit would work in his heart, that God would bring him closer to Him and reveal His truths to him. My husband grew up listening and believing so many false doctrines that it has blocked him from having a real heart relationship with Jesus. These obstacles impede our unified ability as parents to lead and guide our children in teaching them the Gospel message. Also, please pray for me that the Holy Spirit continue to work in my heart to be the example God wants me to be in showing and sharing with my family God's love.